Apart of the general neurology diagnostics, Dr. Manio von Maravic has special experience in:

 Supplementary tests 

  • Electromyography.

  • Electroneurography.

  • High resolution ultrasound of peripheral nerves with 20 MHz Transducer

  • Visual and auditory evoced potentials

  • EEG, EEG after sleep deprivation

  • Vascular Ultrasound of the brain supplying arteries


For appointments and questions please call one of our OTS clinics and we gladly will help you with your questions.

Dr. Manio von Maravic and his wife Dr. Caroline von Maravic moved to Spain  in 2002 with years of  clinical experience at the University Hospital Lübeck  and the Klinikum Erfurt in Germany. At he Costa del Sol  they had the opportunity to build up the Neurologic Department of the former USP Hospital Marbella (actually Quiron Hospital), growing to a service with  5 Doctors until 2016, until they decided to end their long years of hospital  work.  Dr. Manio v. Maravic has seen outpatients in Gibraltar, Sotogrande and Torrox.   They now  offer neurological experience of more than 25 years treating neurological diseases such as headaches, vertigo and dizziness, back pain, sleep disorders, cognitive deficits and dementia, cerebrovascular diseases and stroke,  epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons disease.


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