Dr Wolfgang Schmitt

Specialist in back, hand, shoulder, knee, hip, foot surgery; Gout, Ultrasound; Joint replacement; Arthritis; Bone density;Chiropractic, Insoles, Extracorp. Shockwaves.


Dr. Vanessa Schmitz

Check up, Surgery, Prevention, STDs, , Treatment for Stress urinary, Pre and Postnatal Diagnosis, Pregnancy, Contraconceptive counseling


Krystyna Wasnievski and Sandra Vincenti

Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound.


Dr. Manio and Caroline von Maravic  

Parkinson and Movement Disorders, Stroke Prevention, Vertigo, Dementia, EEG, EMG, Ultrasound of brain  arteries, nerves and muscles..


Dr. Erik Schulten and Dr. Gundula Schnabl

Urologic check up and surgery, Prevention, Ultrasound, Urinary Incontinence, Erectile Disfunction.


Ignacio Duran and Nagore Benito

Orthodoncy, Cosmetic dentistry, Implants, Maxilofacial surgery and oral medicine. Pediatric dentistry and Invisaline


Dr. Hermann Rudolphi and Dr. Christoph Kuhn

Dermatological check ups, Vein specialist, Laser surgery, Fillers; Cosmetic and Aesthetical treatments- Restylane, Botox.


Dr. Elias Reyes

Check ups- Color Dopler Ultrasonography, Diabetes, Rheumology, Nephrology, ECG, Echocardiography..

Internal Medicine

Alicia Sánchez

Secondary rehabilitation and Sport Therapy.

Medical Sport Therapy