Internal Medicine is the medical specialty that takes care of the non-surgical health problems of adolescents, adults and the elderly. The internist attends the patients admitted and in consultations. Due to his extensive medical knowledge, he is able to diagnose and treat diseases that are usually related to internal organs, for example: cardiological, respiratory, digestive, renal, infectious, rheumatic, endocrine-metabolic, neurological, hematological, etc. .

Dr. Elias Reyes finished his medicine study in Cadiz, after that he went to Germany specialize himself in intern medicine in Bavaria, learning so perfectly the german language. Some years later he came back to Spain to start working among the Costa del sol in many prestigious Hospitals. Finally in 2009 he joined the OTS Clinic Concept Torrox Costa becoming the internist of your choice,

Specialized assistance:

• Cardiac evaluation.

• Evaluation of the circulatory system.

• Diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabitation of cerebral stroke or stroke.

• Assessment and monitoring of Autoimmune diseases and Clinical Immunology.

• Diagnosis and treatment of endocrinological diseases  and nutrition.

• Intensive care.


Mondays and Wednesdays



• Education to maintain health (eg cardiovascular).

• Comprehensive Medical Review. Health check.

• Cardiovascular assessment in the athlete.

• Preoperative: risk assessment.

• Treatment of hypertension.

• Reducing cholesterol levels..

• Abandonment of tobacco.

• Pain assessment.